Underground Video UK is derived from the investigations section of the former Irish UFO Research Centre.

Early investigations were recorded on a simple cassette recorder. Tape letters evolved as shows, some of which were broadcast on the emerging radio explosion in Dublin in 1977. The IUFOC early work was in co- operation with Spectrum, a Dublin based research group.

During the mid 1970s Ireland had a major UFO wave, some of which is recorded in the excellent book Conspiracy of Silence by Dermot Butler and Carl Nally - This thankfully registers some of the work conducted by the IUFOC. Centre personnel comprised of three main figures, John Hind, T Miles G Johnston and Danny Wilson. This was based in Belfast and Lurgan. This Research has developed into three main areas:-

  • The Irish Era
    Archive Irish Commercial Radio and the Irish Era of Pirate Radio:- Irish Era Productions. The Effect of the UFOs on Irish society and consciousness was represented by a major development of free thought higher consciousness radio stations in the late 1970s
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  • The Bases Series / Backroom Interviews
    Long form Investigations and interviews for Researchers
    This commenced with a simple interview in a public park with Barry King and Lisa Williams, about secret underground bases in Berkshire, involving Mind Control, the creation of programmable generated life forms, and population control technologies. As a contribution to this long form style of 'simply let them speak' style interviews, we have a series derived from conference meet ups, and "grab the interview while you can" style. These are "The Back Room" series.
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